Central Texas Brisket

This recipe for brisket is super simple and easy. I choose to let the natural flavor of the brisket shine through with minimal rubs/injections/methods. The first step is to choose the best cut of brisket you can find. Get a piece that is choice or higher. The other steps are mentioned below in bullet points:

  • Trim the fat off the brisket. This ensures the end product is not overly greasy or fatty. Trim as much as you can and make sure to get into the underside areas. I like to use the leftover fat for making tallow. Tallow is great for frying or substitute for oil/butter.

  • Apply salt and pepper to the entire cut. I like to use coarse sea salt because it’s strong and penetrates the meat. Don’t be shy with the amount and be generous.

  • Wrap with plastic wrap or food safe container and place in fridge overnight or two days. The longer you store the meat in the fridge, the longer the salt and pepper has to penetrate into the meat.

  • For smoking meats, I usually run my bbq higher than most people. I tend to usually agree with the whole low and slow method. The problem is I don’t have 12-14 hours to babysit my smoker. This method cooks the brisket in 5-6 hours depending on the size. Set the bbq/smoker to run at 300F to 350F for 2-3 hours. I use a weber 24 inch smoker and place the briskets on the bottom level closest to the fire. Don’t fill with water because this extends the cook time. Let your meat sit for 30-60 minutes before placing on the BBQ. Place with fat cap down because this protects the meat from the fire below. Let smoke for 2-3 hours or until 165F is reached when probing.

  • The Texas crutch is very important. This allows you to finish off the meat in an oven and re-inject it with flavor/fluid. I use a full deep pan and place inside wide foil or wide pink butchers paper. Your want to combine two pieces of foil or butchers paper to make it super wide for your brisket wrap. Place 5-6 cups of apple juice at the bottom of the foil/pink butchers paper. Place brisket and fold extra flaps of foil or pink butchers paper over the brisket. You want a nice snug wrap around the brisket. Easiest way to do this is to bring both sides together and create a folding lip.

  • At this point, either put a cover on the entire brisket and pan or wrap the top with foil. This helps contain the apple juice and brisket liquids to braise together inside your pouch. Place in oven or back in BBQ at 300F for 2 hours. Keep checking every 45mins the temperature. You want the brisket to hit at least 190F. I like to bring mine to 195F.

  • After it hits 195F, it is ready to be removed and shredded. I like to let mine sit in a cooler wrapped whole for 1-3 hours depending on service time. Letting it sit in the cooler allows the protein to breakdown further.

  • Remove from wrap and carve against the grain. I like to cube my brisket but many people like to slice. You have a great brisket when you cut a slice and it falls off easily.